Monday, August 3, 2009

Do Pendulums Really Work?

Wendy i just wanted to ask you something those pendulum's on a chain, do those really work when you ask a question. My brother said you can also take a necklace with a pendant on the end of it & hold it over the back of your hand & ask a question, it will then move back & forth for no & in a circle for yes. He said you start off with asking if the spirit guides are there. It will then either move no or yes. Does that really work? just wondering. - Gail

Thanks for your question Gail!

Pendulums do indeed work however, they will only work if they are meant to work for you. When I owned my store, we sold pendulums so I tried to use them and discovered that I could not use them at all! I was so frustrated. My sister would use them and get all kinds of answers but mine just hung there.

I had to tune-in to find out that I was being prevented from using it. I was told that I had to learn to develop my intuition and other abilities and not depend on the pendulum. To this day, I can't use one.

So, if you are allowed to use one, you will get answers from using it.

I do not suggest "just asking if your Spirit Guides are around" - that does not guarantee protection or accuracy. You should say a protection prayer and ask that all answers come from a Power Filled With Light and Love. You should also test it out quite a bit before trusting your answers.

But the bottom line is that pendulums do work if used properly. They are especially useful for health questions.


Jodi said...

The pendulum moves for me that is for sure! The information has not been reliable. WTF! Maybe I was not specific enough about the entitie to respond. I have no one to share this stuff with thanks for your replies

Wendy Kay, Founder of Oralin said...

You would need to make sure that you said a prayer first for protection. It would also depend on how you phrase the question and of course, it depends on whether you are allowed to use this method.

If you are trying to develop your abilities and your intuition, this method will be less likely to work for you.

I have found that questions about general health tend to give better responses for people.